Today I will be relaxing

So I had a mad day yesterday so very busy and it’s all quite overwhelming. I had to go for a lay down in the afternoon and my cat Kirby came under the covers and cuddled me, he is such a lovely boy. My mother in law had a trip to the yarn shop and picked me up some lovely sock yarn, this yarn was at request of my hubby.

I should get two pairs of socks out of this yarn and on the plus side they are high wool content so should be really warm. As we now have a ground floor place this is more important than ever. I’m just trying to plan what I’ll be making for Christmas, I know it’s far off but last year I gave myself a much to large workload and not enough time. I make my Grandad socks each Christmas but I think I’m going to do something a bit different for him, he once mentioned he had bright pink socks. I am thinking of making some tie dye socks, I’ve got the stuff in just need to grab some white cotton socks. I made some tie dye knickers for myself which are fun.

So today will be knitting and snuggles with my cats, last night Rogue was about as exhausted as me.


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