Cats ❤️

So I have decided to do a cat section, I’ve got three beautiful kitties whom I love very much. Today I’ll start with a bit about Kirby, Kirby was the 4th cat to enter my life. We found him dumped in a large wheelie bin, this gorgeous tiny fur ball. His belly was swollen and we weren’t sure he would survive as he was so tiny and weak. He hated my husband which was most distressing, after a month he started to warm to my husband but not very trusting at all. This was the end of hissing at him.

At the time we had our cheeky boy Rogue (more on him later), they took a bit of time to make friends but dearly love each other. They enjoy play time with each other and particularly snuggles. So Kirby has the most scrummy belly, occasionally I’ll be allowed to stroke it but that is very rare. Kirby loves meat and really loves to play. He is always happy.

Now I don’t have many kitten photos, I regret this so much. I wish I took more photographs of Kirby as a tiny thing because he didn’t stay small for long, even more so than the other two. He is a gigantic cat. When I was younger we didn’t have mobiles with cameras in, showing my age a bit… But here he is as a tiny kitten ❤️


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