Hurrah 🌻

I’ve finished the project I’ve been designing for my friend, she asked for a sewing machine cover. She wanted a crochet cover, so I worked on the crochet part, which didn’t take me too long. But it was a bit too floppy so I made a quilted inner layer to add some rigidity to it. The sewing part took me a bit longer as I’m Β pretty new to sewing. I did learn how to make button holes and also that I really need a table that I can work at, sewing on the floor is a bit ouch yes for my back.

I’m very pleased with the final project and my cats have even helped me take pictures! I’m now free to work on my blanket, which is a 70’s inspired one. I saw a gorgeous vintage blanket and just had to have it. I’ve decided to only have handmade blankets and such in my house. This means I treated myself to paintbox yarn ( which is really nice dk, lovely and soft ) and got making. I’ve only made a few squares so far, it’s also is a bit different than I was first expecting due to the colours being slightly not what I was expecting. But that is the nature of ordering yarn online.

Without further ado here are my finished objects and cheeky cats! The sewing machine cover is not on the machine as it’s my friends, so I found the best box to hold it up. It will fit her machine much better. I also made her a pin, the charms are perfect for her. A little goody bag for my friend.

I’m also hoping to get some really bright green yarn to make the hubby a pair of socks, I was going to make him some with patterns on but he said he didn’t want novelty socks. So I’ll just do a vanilla sock pattern and let the yarn do the talking. I’m also currently working on a pair of socks for myself, using the most scrumptious Β  yarn I’ll put pictures up of that soon.



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