Sewing machine cover

I’m working on a sewing machine cover for my friend and I thought I would out my progress on here, starting with the yarn. It’s a mixture of different cotton yarns. The light grey is for the background and the colours are for the accent parts.


So I have worked through the accent pieces pretty quickly, I’ll be making them into a granny square and then working out the rest. The cover is wider at the base so I’ll be figuring out how to make that work.


It’s nice to be working on something so cheery when the weather is being so odd, we have had snow and hail in-between really bright sun. Snuggles with cats helps keep me warm.


2 thoughts on “Sewing machine cover

    1. It’s really nice cotton, it’s drops and Rico creative cotton. It feels much nicer than sugar and cream which is the only cotton stuff Ive used before. I’m really enjoying the colours, makes me feel a bit brighter even though the weather hasn’t quite caught up!

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