Textile fair!

Yesterday I went to a bead and textile fair, hurrah. I do love going to crafty things, I braved a busy supermarket and sat down with some crochet in the evening. I had a bathroom mirror (one of the cheap plastic ones, yuck!) and I discovered I could take the extra plastic stand off. So I thought I’m gonna make this more pleasing looks wise, I crocheted round it. I added a hanging loop and tassel, I am very happy.


Also this is what I chose at the fair, I love the beads. So many ideas floating around in my head! So in reality it will be a while before I make anything with the sparkles, I will sit and look at them for a while like you do… I like the pastel colours of the lava beads and love the texture. The silver hoop I am undecided currently, it will be used in a crazy way but my dizzy anxious brain can’t think of just what yet. I think that’s the beauty with crafting, you can always come back to it later if you can’t focus on it.


Today I will cuddle my cats and relax. My Mollie makes magazine is sat waiting for me to read, perfect to accompany a nice cup of tea.


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