My house jungle

So I have always been a bit plant obsessed, my garden is full of bulbs at the moment. I absolutely love this time of year in the garden, everything starts waking up and flowers start to pop up. It’s very exciting.My husband got me the most amazing book called House Jungle by Annie Dornan-Smith, I highly recommend it. It has lots of information presented in a gorgeously illustrated way.

I have had some plants in the house for a few years, my bathroom windowsill doubles as a greenhouse in the summer as it gets so warm. I got a few beautiful plants for my birthday, which makes me very happy. I think my husband was looking thinking where are they going to go! We have a tiny flat.

Anyway here are a few pictures, I’ve got some daffodils in my bathroom at the moment. The sign of fresh food from the garden and flowers. The kitchen garden I’ve got a ficus gingsen, which is just so so lovely! Alongside a bunch of succulents and my  Dracaena marginata, which I’ve had for about five years. This is the place I put unsafe plants as the cats can’t get to them.

I have a fantastic ponytail plant, it reminds me of Dr Seuss trees. I love it. I also got a really big plant! I really love my areca palm, it’s so big and leafy. I did really want a Swiss cheese plant (they are so beautiful) but toxic to cats. So out of the question… I also have a spider plant in my bedroom, which I love. I know it’s a standard house plant but it is really quite a joy to look at.


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